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From Actor to Creator


Dates TBA in Vancouver BC!

What sets you apart as an actor? The entertainment industry is evolving, and now more than ever, actors need a multi-faceted tool kit to showcase their talents and their full potential.


Actors can no longer "just" be actors; they have to be creators of content. This will look different for every single actor.


In this immersive class, actors will look not only at where they can spend their creative energy in order to better support their career, but more importantly what is stopping them from doing so.

Class size is limited. To reserve your spot contact me here.

The Fulfilled Actor

No matter where you are in your career, this three month mentoring program takes actors from floating to fulfilled. By the end of the course, actors will be landing more fulfilling work that is more authentic to them as an artist. Not only will this mean a more aligned sense of self but it is achievable with ease and lightness.


With bi-weekly (six total) sessions, as well as engaging and eye opening projects that you will work on on your own time, this is a sacred and vital time for stepping into your next chapter.


We look at beliefs and decipher which are truly yours, and which are living in you, uninvited. We connect to body wisdom and your own distinct intuition as an artist and storyteller.

To learn more about the program and the next steps, please contact me here.

Body Wisdom Acting 

In this two-day workshop, actors will gain a deeper understanding of their body as an acting tool and learn to how listen to the innate messages that the body provides.

Unlike traditional movement classes, this workshop focuses on the incredibly unique body you came into this world with and how it tells a story, whether you are conscious to it or not.

Actors will decipher what their body portrays to an audience, learning subtle changes that will make a world of difference not only in how they show up to auditions and while performing, but how they navigate their entire life.

Upcoming class dates for Vancouver and Victoria are TBD. Please contact me here if you would like to learn more.

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